Technology resources from Beijing “date” with enterprises in Laoshan, Synergize connectivity of industry development.

On the morning of May 25th, the Capital Science & Technology Platform helped the Qingdao Laoshan Science and Technology Industry Matchmaking Meeting to be held in the Qingdao Academician and Experts Innovation Pioneer Park (Academician Valley). According to the communication needs of the early stage and the enterprise, the expert teams of the four service bases of the Capital Science & Technology Platform have carefully prepared and conducted deep docking negotiations with more than 20 technology companies in Lushan.

It is reported that this matchmaking meeting is a practice of the “Hundreds Laboratories enter into Thousands Enterprises” activity of Capital Science & Technology platform. It is to effectively promote technology resources and the needs of enterprises to synergize between Capital Science & Technology platform and enterprises of Laoshan, introducing technology resources into Qingdao in order to assist with upgrade and innovation of enterprise and New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion.

“The conference is a very important meeting that promotes win-win cooperation between Beijing and Laoshan on the aspect of technology resources.” said by Liangbao LV, the vice-director of Technology Innovation Committee of Laoshan.

Mr. LV said that, the face-to-face communication contributes to enhance technology innovation and enterprises’ technical R&D ability of Laoshan. It is hopefully to introduce more scientific and technological achievements and talents into Laohsan through Scientific research institutes and universities. According to this, to promote science and technology progress and innovation, contribute to upgrading the structure of industry.

On the conference, Zehao ZHANG, Secretary of the Party (CCP) branch of Beijing Technology Exchange & Promotion Center introduced relevant work of Capital Science & Technology platform, highlighted the significance of advantage of the platform and “Hundreds Laboratories enter into Thousands Enterprises” activity. Meanwhile, Mr. ZHANG expressed expectations of long-term cooperation in the near future.

Capital Science & Technology Platform is under the guidance of National Science & Technology Infrastructure Center, includes the system of research service base, area center and district work station. Integrate the resources of instrument and equipment, technology achievements and technology talents by cross-department, cross-disciplinary, supply the service for test, combine research and technology transfer.

By the end of year 2017, Capital Science & Technology Platform has promoted 889 nation-level, Beijing urban-level key laboratories and engineering centers which valued 27.2 billion. 46500 sets of equipment are shared to society, 885 technology achievements are promoted to transfer. 13150 specialists are gathered which includes academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chang Jiang Scholars.

Xiaopei CUI from Qingdao Science and Technology Bureau Sci-tech Innovation Promotion Center, introduced responsibility of the Center and the policy of public sci-tech innovation platform and enterprises in Qingdao. Ms. CUI mentioned that they will strengthen cooperation with Beijing, introduce more sci-tech achievements into Qingdao to promote sci-tech development.

Later, Beijing Normal University R&D service base, Chinese Academy of Sciences R&D service base, Beijing University R&D service base and Tsinghua University R&D service base of Capital Science & Technology Platform, all shared their technology resources, achievements and projects.

Xiangfeng JIANG, director of Beijing University R&D service base said “We hope the communication between enterprises in Laoshan and Beijing will be held often and introduce more technology resources to enterprises. He also mentioned that enterprises prepared very well and on the communication section they are very clear about the topic, Laoshan showed their seriousness about technology and innovation.

In order to achieve effective connection, JUFENG has done pre-research on enterprises in incubation space, developed 12 items enterprise needs of Beijing Robot Education Technology Co,. Ltd. in CHANGSHENG Emerging Industry Park, Pony Testing International Group in Environmental Testing New Material Incubation Base and Qingdao Lubemater Lubrication Material Technology Co,. Ltd. in Academician Valley communicates with specialists in advance.

Zengliang BI, in charge of Qingdao HUIYING Technology Co,. Ltd., said “Our company mainly supply dangerous cargo storage tank, solution of leakage pipe test. Today we communicated with China Unicom about the base station construction and the application of Internet of Things in industry area.” He hopes that the test will be more real time, more accurate, react faster and more effective.

The conference could be a bridge of communication between Capital Science & Technology Platform and enterprises in Laoshan, which satisfy enterprises with their needs of innovation and development. After the conference, JUFENG will explore more demand of enterprises based on the communication this time. JUFENG will assist enterprises to actualize better and faster development through Capital Science & Technology Platform. On the same day, specialists from Capital Science & Technology Platform visited Science & Technology Museum of Qingdao Central Innovation District and Hisense International R&D Center.


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